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  1. Sheldon Bailey Hua Hin Thailand wrote on 21.11.2019 - 9:56

    Latest Order = Terribly handled –
    I always had great service as well for all previous orders but the last one has been horrible. I placed tool order in late October, I was sent tracking number when Fine Tools stated it shipped, but then I had repeated emails to get help as package never arrived and today 20 plus days later I find out package is still in Germany and never went anywhere and Deiter Schmidt / Fine Tools Reps had not been truthful on the topic at all in emails for help to find same sent previously?
    Incredibly disappointed in Fine Tools and DHL stated I the customer can not get the package moving it must be Fine Tools but I paid for shipping as part of purchase!

    • Feine Werkzeuge replied on: 21.11.2019 at 16:46

      Dear Shelton Bailey

      We are sorry that your are not satisfied with our service.

      We shipped the order the very same day we have got it with DHL parcel service. This is the national german parcel service and should not be confused with DHL Express. DHL is much less expensive than DHL Express , naturally it is less fast, though.

      Clear info about shipping costs and standard lead times is given on our homepage and everybody is free to check this before placing an order. No tricks, no misleading!

      When an order is placed we take it for granted that the shipping service and standard lead time is acknowledged by our customer and part of the game.

      In this particular case we are talking of a regular lead time of 7-45 days to Thailand.

      The order was shipped on 29th October, pick-up confirmed by DHL with several scans within Germany and the tracking status does not show any irregularities. It is transported to the destination and somewhere in between the countries. The fact that the tracking status does not change as often as one might expect it to do does not mean that it is not under transport.

      So as far as we are still within the time frame and the tracking looks still regular we really don’t see any possibility and reason to interact.
      If the tracking info does change to something different which does lead to the conclusion that it won’t arrive or there any issues we would of course interact and if necessary ship out again.

  2. Antony Lister, Warminster, UK wrote on 30.09.2019 - 12:53

    I have purchased from Dieter Schmid several times and always been satisfied with both products and service.
    Recently I experienced a minor quality problem with an item, this was resolved courteously and without hesitation.

    Their customer service is excellent and I would never hesitate to recommend them, a very professional company.

  3. Michal Kuchta, Kosice, Slovakia wrote on 23.09.2019 - 19:29

    I think that the most positive things about Dieter Schmid’s is their customer service. It’s exceptional and delivery speed is super fast.

    However, there are hidden gems all around the website: product descriptions, handy information on some products, tips and tricks and tool tests and so much more.

    These are people and the place I want my hard-earned money go to. Thank you.

  4. Nicolas, Villé, France. wrote on 23.09.2019 - 13:03

    C’est mon premier achat sur fine-tools, ils sont disponibles au téléphone et rapides à l’expédition (48h).
    Pour ne rien gâcher mes articles étaient parfaitement conditionnés et très protégés. Bref c’est un sans faute.
    Je recommande vivement.

  5. Adrian D, Bucharest, Romania wrote on 16.09.2019 - 10:04

    When you need a team to guide you, advise you and offer you the best services in the market for hand tools, do not hesitate to choose Dieter Schmid Fine Tools. They are the best and the most serious I have known so far. Professionals, it’s just a word but it is what characterizes them.Thank you very much for the way in which you treated me as your client!

  6. Marianske lazne Czech Republic wrote on 03.09.2019 - 14:45

    Very serious and responsible professionals. A great tool involves excellent work and mood for people. This is a world standard. I recommend it to all experienced and beginners. The best website.
    Fast delivery.
    I wish you good health
    Regards, Yuri

  7. Benjamin B, Clermont Ferrand, France wrote on 15.07.2019 - 10:07

    Serious people selling serious gear!

  8. Mustafa NEBİOĞLU Kadıköy-İstanbul Türkiye wrote on 13.07.2019 - 23:47

    Ahşab çalışmalarda, çok yardımcı olacağı belli. Bu kaliteli ürünler ile çalışmak, benim gibi amatörleri çok mutlu ediyordur. Çalışmalarınız güzelliklerle dolu olsun

  9. Douglas, near Uzès in France wrote on 25.05.2019 - 15:55

    Very good experience with this first order. Goods arrived rapidly and in perfect condition thanks to careful packing. Really appreciate that my delivery instructions (we don’t have street numbers in our village!) were neatly attached to the parcel. Definitely recommended.

  10. Josko, Postojna, Slovenia wrote on 01.05.2019 - 9:24

    Just received my first order – very satisfied with ordering, delivery and high quality of the products. Can truly recommend to anyone, making a decision… 5 stars!

  11. Matej, Zagreb, CROATIA wrote on 21.03.2019 - 14:02

    Perfect, just perfect. Products, shipping, web site. Best woodworking shop in the world. Thank you.

  12. Thomas, Beaurainville, France wrote on 08.03.2019 - 16:48

    After several orders, always satisfied with the service. Good quality products, fast delivery, packes with care. Easy contact when you have a question. What more can be said?

  13. Dionissys, Patras, Greece wrote on 05.02.2019 - 20:40

    Excellent Service with big variety on almost every woodworking aspect. Fair prices, and prompt delivery.
    Greetings from Greece.

    Thank you

  14. Josip, Croatia wrote on 03.02.2019 - 10:17

    Excellent service, thank you.

  15. Рига wrote on 18.01.2019 - 20:14

    Soo fast delivery to Latvija
    Thank you guys!!

  16. Goran, Velika Gorica, Croatia wrote on 14.01.2019 - 18:14

    in one word … perfectly

    thank you

  17. Paul Kane, Belfast, Ireland wrote on 22.12.2018 - 15:08

    I have ordered items on a few occasions with these people,and,as previous customers have already said,already packed very safe,I would order of these people again ,without fear,and,some of the items that they stock ,you ,don’t see on many UK websites,Lastly,I have found it as cheap ,for the cost of delivery from Germany too Belfast,as,I would from U.K.,Mainland,too Belfast?How is that?

    Yours Kindly Paul

  18. Tommy Höglund, Nänsjö, Sweden wrote on 02.12.2018 - 10:17

    Thanks for the fast shipping and the complimentary marsipan! It really did my day! Will keep ordering from you guys, can’t say outher thing then that i am extreamly pleased with how fast and smoothed it all vent!
    Thanks aloot from Sweden!

  19. Razvan Butiac, Aigle Swiss wrote on 22.10.2018 - 15:13

    The best!
    Always a pleasure to work with you guys. Feel like Christmas when the box comes, find my stuff carefully wrapped… even if is a 2 euro screws bag or a 250 euro sharpening stone.
    The care and respect you offer is unmatched and very well appreciated.
    Congratulation and keep it like this, world are still have their enthusiasts that love to work with hands. We need some other enthusiasts on other side to sell best quality stuff for us.
    All the best from Swiss.

  20. Andreas Borlänge Sweden wrote on 13.10.2018 - 20:07

    Thanks you very much for giving good service, and a very good website.
    Also thanks for fast replies and professional delivery.
    Greetings from Sweden

  21. Tamas, Budapest, Hungary wrote on 21.09.2018 - 13:57

    This was my first experience here, and I started with an order with quite big money. I have had few bad nights before my order finally arrived over 800 km travel.
    I wasn’t home that time, so my neighbour took the three boxes. When I received from her I got very nervous as the biggest box has some damage here and there. But when I opened it everything was okay inside. It was very well wrapped and protected. Thanks for the care.
    Now I have a pressure – okay let’s call it inspiration – on me to produce work that worthy of these tools.
    Thanks for the availability of all of the tools I could buy from here. I couldn’t buy them without you.
    I found your service well organised, and I definitely recommend it anyone interested around me. Thank you.

  22. Peter, Amsterdam, Nederland. wrote on 26.06.2018 - 18:03

    Zonet de 5 bits voor mijn Stanley Yankee pompschroevedraaier ontvangen.
    In Nederland niet meer te krijgen: Stanley heeft ze niet meer in het assortiment.
    Gelukkig wel bij Dieter Schmid. Profesioneel en snel geleverd Ik ben erg tevreden.

  23. Jeff, Winnipeg, Canada wrote on 02.03.2018 - 17:02

    Received my Ozuku JNat and Nagura today, a very beautiful stone, can’t wait to hone on it! Product is very well packaged and protected. Shipping time is very quick too. I would highly recommend and I would buy from you again. Thank you

  24. Hamlet, U.S.A wrote on 11.02.2018 - 17:30

    First, I would like to thanks to Mr. Schmid and his staff for this great internet shop. For me as a European person but live in north America now, this site is a place that I can shop forever and would highly recommend it to anyone. My first order arrived and I am waiting for the second one now. The prices are fair with fast and well packed shipping.
    I have been using these tools for life. You might always think that there is a better one out there and it is very true or could be subjective. The selected tools on this site is done with great knowledge not by name, color etc…
    So you can be sure that whatever you buy will perform very well without a doubt. So far the best ever Famag inventory I have ever seen.

    Many thanks,

  25. yannick le brun. jougne.france wrote on 09.02.2018 - 20:17

    Prix au top, emballage parfait, livraison rapide. Site à recommander.
    Merci à toute l’équipe.
    PS : Merci à Markus

  26. Malta wrote on 23.01.2018 - 18:44

    Today received my order and was very happy to find that it was very well packed with all items in excellent condition. Just wanted to say thank you to all your staff for the very well packaging, apart for the best quality tools you sell. Very happy to buy more items from you in the future and already have a wish list in mind!
    Order list: King waterstone, EZE-Lap sharpeners, rust erazer and artificial nagura stone.

    Best regards,

  27. Guy P. wrote on 11.01.2018 - 17:22

    Délai, communication, emballage : vendeur parfait !

  28. seamus delahunty,abbeyleix,rep of ireland wrote on 18.12.2017 - 22:40

    well done mr schmid fine tools and ups
    fast and efficient service
    a christmas candy even included in the delivery- a nice touch
    a customer from the emerald isle

  29. Russia, Saint-Petersburg wrote on 12.10.2017 - 14:06

    My first order from Dieter Schmid and I’m so pleased with it! I ordered EZE-Lap diamond stones.
    Excellent quality, fast delivery – 12 days from purchase to delivery (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).
    Will definitely recommend to friends and buy something again.
    Thank you for providing such variety of tools and great service!

    Best regards,

  30. Adrian, UK wrote on 07.08.2017 - 17:36

    UK stockists for Incra seem to keep little or no stocks so I was forced to search further afield and came across Dieter Schmid’s website, although it didn’t confirm that stock was available I thought I’d place my first order.

    Very happy that the Incra V120 mitre guage that turned up a few days later, well packed and considering the exchange rate very very competitively priced if you include the delivery cost.

    Will without doubt use them again and highly recommend them based on this experience.

    Many thx

  31. Paolo, Portugal wrote on 20.06.2017 - 12:49

    After several orders, all with fast shipping, I´m a very happy customer.
    Good tools and fair prices, and also important good packaging for shipping.

  32. Gabriele B., Italy wrote on 27.02.2017 - 16:17

    The most organized, efficient well supplied shop for woodworking I’ve found in europe. Shipments are always early and the product selection prioritize quality and there is plenty of information to make a thoughtful choice.

  33. Wade, Copenhagen wrote on 07.02.2017 - 11:15

    Now I’m even more pleased with my shopping experience at Dieter Schmid Fine Tools.

    I’ve had a vision about supplementing an extensive Festool setup with some effective, and „quite hand tools“ The sharpening stones, bought earlier set the state for improving my chisel collection, needing to do som heavy shelving at the garden shop I have a desire to get away from using all the metal fasteners that make such projects look cheap and improvised. Now I could go the Festool domino route, but feel it’s overkill as I’m setting for a big production run. I want something direct simple and multipurpose. So I will be doing som hand made mortise and tenon work for this I chose the Two Cherries 12mm Mortise Chisel, the Wood is Good 70mm polyurethane/wood mallet. This little setup is like a mortise machine on steroids. The Boxwood handle on the Chisel has an extremely lively feel to it when striking it with the mallet, literally sings in the hand in a good way… To cut the tenons I went with a Japanese Ryoba Z saw 250mm and couldn’t be more pleased I had a har time envisioning how large the saw blade would be, but can see it’s more than large enough for the big tenons I’m planning on. Bought an extra blade as insurance, but will do be careful and keep focused, work with softer woods at the start.

    Saving the best for the last I also bought the Veritas Low Angle Jack plane, its understated and effective, very easy to setup and understand. So will likely be getting the Veritas bevel up smoother to go with, they use Low Angle Jack and the Bevel up smoother use the same blades, so in this way I can keep the number of blades I need down to a minimum 3 blades with different bevels should be pretty handy and take care of most of my hand planing needs..

  34. Wade, Copenhagen wrote on 09.01.2017 - 22:58

    Just received my second order, the first was a Butt chisels set by Two Cherries, and the Starrett Combination square satin finish. Good speedy delivery, everything arrived safely.

    The Second order after much thought comprised a set of 3 Waterstones, I feel I made an informed choice by getting a selection that allows me a broad range of grits in high quality stones for a decent price.
    The Starrett Square in the original order seemed so expensive but on close inspection of the actual square it imparts a sense of being a solid performer, with a deeply satisfying intrinsic value, this experience prompted me to order in my 2nd order a Starrett 100mm double square and a 150mm combination square. On arrival today these small squares seem so pure simple, old style industrial perfection, precise and understated, and therefore powerful.
    I am happy with these two first orders, and have over the last weeks saved a series of baskets each with a different focus. Chisels, planes, saws marking and measuring.

    I think the Fine Tools website is a wealth of information and well laid out. It feels great to be able to shop in on a website from nearby city that has a good international selection. Good job Fine Tools!

  35. Peter De S., Heyd, Belgium wrote on 29.12.2016 - 18:46

    Thank you for a fine and fast customer service! The quality of the tools is excellent and the prices and shipping costs are good too. I just love the ECE planes!

  36. Vincent G, Morlaix, France wrote on 20.12.2016 - 9:49

    Two orders :
    – Fist with only t_track and clamp ==> very nice packaging, no damage on the track during transport
    – Second with and incra LS positioner ==> nice packaging too with extra protection on the corner of the package.

    Good and fast communication by email. Fast shipping.

    Thanks a lot !

  37. Jean-Pierre B., Chéry-Chartreuve, France wrote on 06.12.2016 - 11:34

    Ma première commande mais certainement pas la dernière ! Je suis ravi. Des prix abordables, une livraison rapide, un emballage de très bonne qualité. Le matériel tant attendu est parfait. Je vous recommanderai à mes amis menuisiers amateurs, sans problème.
    Merci et à bientôt.
    Très cordialement

  38. Henrik S., Aalborg, Denmark wrote on 17.11.2016 - 17:59

    My first order – some Japanese sharpening stones and a high quality holder – submitted on a Sunday.
    Within two working days the package was delivered at my address in Denmark, and I could follow each step with the track-trace link they sent me in an email.
    The quality of the package was excellent, each stone packed separately, very high quality packaging paper, the invoice in a separate layer at the top. They definitely take pride in the packaging process.
    You have a new very satisfied customer !

  39. Stephan D., Liège, Belgium wrote on 05.10.2016 - 11:08

    First puchase and … very satisfied !
    Very quick confirmation and shipping. Very impressive !
    The package is very sturdy and i got a bonus : Haribo Candy Bears ! :))
    Thanks a lot

  40. Claus C., Denmark wrote on 29.09.2016 - 16:12

    This is why I order my specialty tools from you. 9 hours from ordering to
    Shipping. And on top of that you have a fair price on shipping and good options for choosing my preferred carrier.
    Good job once again.

  41. Kristian R., Denmark wrote on 27.09.2016 - 14:25

    Not once have a been disappointed with a tool bought from you. This goes through your entire way of doing business. Always there to help, and if there is a problem with an order, you fix it. This have only happened once, and it was handled quick without extra costs or trouble. I give you my best recommendations, and would advise anyone in need of superb woodworking tools, to do business with you.

  42. David N., Ireland wrote on 27.09.2016 - 10:40

    Just received my new Combination Japanese water stone from the UPS courier. I was really impressed by how fast the shipping was and how carefully packaged and protected my item was. Also appreciated the pack of Goldbaren!

    Very happy with the water stone’s performance and happy I could get it at such a good price, and I felt that needs to be communicated to you after such a positive experience.

  43. Johan S., Landvetter, Sweden wrote on 22.06.2016 - 16:39

    Thanks for a great store with good service and fast deliveries.

  44. Ockert V. , Riversdal , South Africa wrote on 20.06.2016 - 9:25

    Website layout is excellent and the variety and quality is unrivalled. DHL pricing, delivery and tracking to Suid Afrika is good . What more can you ask for. I can recommend you to a friend
    o j v.

  45. Olov U. wrote on 04.04.2016 - 19:40

    Thank you! I knew I could count on your excellent service at Dieter Schmid. I just want you to know that I’m impressed by the level of service you offer and I feel that you know how to keep your customers. I have several times recommended your dealership to friends and coworkers and will continue to do so. Until next time, many thanks!